septeMber: Part 1 (2018) - Short Horror Film/Episode Review

June 15, 2018

septeMber is a new short horror film/episode from Dark Red; the creators of the three part fan fiction film Michael Myers Versus Jason Voorhees. I mentioned that short back in January....

Short Film: septeMber from Dark Red Horror

June 02, 2018

septeMber is a new short horror film that is brought to you by the creators of Michael Myers verses Jason Voorhees. That iconic battle has over 100,000 views and is murdering the internet.

The new short, septeMber is the first in a series of 7 films that will surely get your blood pumping....

New Short Film Pits Michael Myers Against Jason Voorhees, And It’s Epic

January 21, 2018

When you think about it, it’s actually a bit crazy that Jason Voorhees hasn’t squared off against Michael Myers yet...

Michael Myers and Jason fight to the death in bloody fan film

January 17, 2018

Horror movie fans have been wondering for years who would win in a battle between Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers, and this fan film answers that question.

Its a Clash of Slashers in “Michael Myers Versus Jason Voorhees” Fan Film

January 17, 2018

Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees is a three-part series of short films created by Jeff Payne. After Michael Myers invades Jason’s home turf, racking up a body count in the woods surrounding Crystal Lake...

January 18, 2018

The short film titled, Michael Myers versus Jason Voorhees made it’s much anticipated debut on the Youtube channel, CallMeJeff86 on January 15th, 2018.

Michael Myers Versus Jason Voorhees Fan Film

January 18, 2018

Written and directed by Mason C. McDonald, this short film has the horror community buzzing.

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